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Angular Houses vs. Gauquelin Sectors

The 'Gauquelin research' has demonstrated that two distinct sectors of the birth chart seem to have an especially significant correlation with professional success, or 'eminence.'   The two sectors are 1) post-culmination and 2) post rising.

While there is a long history of evidence to support these results, they continue to pose a problem for practising astrolgers because they seem to contradict what is traditionally taught about the priimary importance of the angular houses and the angles; particularly the Ascendant and Midheaven.

So which factors are more prevalent in the charts of contemporary pop stars? Angles, Angular Houses or Gauquelin Sectors? 

That is the first question we want to explore in this project. 

Once we are satisfied with our answers there, we can move on to other questions. For example, this burning issue: since Whole Sign House Systems were used throughout the ancient world, and continue in use even today throughout Vedic Astrology, would that help to explain the disparity between the Gauquelin results and traditional teachings about the Angles and Angular Houses?