The Kepler Conference
A Research Revolution 
Jan. 25 - 28, 2018
Evidence-Based Astrology for the 21st Century
On Florida's Beautiful Space Coast

Timing & Human Performance
 Advanced Applications for Business 

Exploring the Evolutionary Interface 
between Planetary & Living Systems
and the Effects on Human Timing, Performance & Behavior
        Respondents were unanimous on our Kepler Conference surveys in                           voicing their support for a proper astrological research center. 
                                   That’s been our dream all along. 
Canaveral Research Center is ready to take on the challenge of developing the                          research platform and the universal  data portal,, 
                     as part of our overall, aggressive research agenda. 

Astrologers everywhere are clamoring for some sort of universal data portal, 

to make it easier to 

1) access and analyze the existing data collections, and 

2) collect and categorize new data efficiently. 

We want to speed that process along, by building a versatile data scraper, programmed to comb through the web to extract and categorize new data on an unprecedented scale.

Please don’t assume that this is merely an academic exercise. We’re ultimately developing products and services that will greatly improve people’s lives, as well as astrologers’ livelihoods.

Who Funds Research in Astrology? 
Research is very expensive, and requires a tremendous amount of work, but it's well worth it.  The future of our field depends on it, but If astrologers don't support astrological research, then who will?

At Canaveral Research/The Kepler Conference, we're trying to take the research where it really needs to go, but we need the right tools for the job.
We need to build an astrological big data platform: 
The Kepler Cognizance - Astrology's Big Brain
Please help us!
Astrology needs a faster, cheaper and eaiser way to generate reliable, replicable research results.  We need to put the latest information technologies to work for us.  That's what every other field is doing already, to great advantage. 

The Kepler Cognizance project starts with a universal data portal to access  data that's already available, and a data scraper to pull in massive amounts of new data from the web. We will then incorporate Artificial Intelligence, self-taught machine-learning & predictive engines all up & into the most sophisticated astrological analyses, both  Western & Vedic.

We can’t do it without the support of astrologers, but in turn, it will support astrology like never before, and for years to come.

We will train the system on our own research projects as we build it. Then it will be available as a research service to other researchers. The ultimate goal is research  products that all astrologers can use to restore integrity and build respect throughout the entire field. 

Help us bring the most sophisticated information technology available to astrologers everywhere. Together we can build a reliable, evidence-based body of knowledge that no one can afford not to use!

You can donate any amount you choose, but if you are interested in attending the Kepler Conference, check out the Jupiter & Solar levels for some great rewards. 
All donations will go towards programming, resources & management of the Kepler Cognizance project. Please fund the Kepler Cognizance - Astrology's Big Brain, with thanks from the project coordinators,
Courtney Roberts, MA and Rahul Thakur, MS
See you at the Kepler Conference!