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Dr. Bruce Scofield will join us on Aug. 12/13th
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Readings for Classes 1 & 2

'The Gauquelin work' by Geoffrey Dean

1. A concise history with photographs

(please note that in recommending ths article for study, 

we do not necessarily endorse all of the author's conclusions)

Introduction to Materials to aid Research in Astrology

Bruce Scofield will be joining us on Aug. 12/13th 

Readings for Classes 1 - 4

Video: How to Conduct Research in Astrology/D. Cochrane

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The Skeptic's Guide to Logical Fallacies


Includes the Recording of 

Research in Medical Astrology

with Dr. Will Morris & Franco Minatel & Courtney Roberts, M.A.

Saturday, April 8, 2017  12:30pm EDT

The amount of research in medical astrology that has already been done 

may surprise you almost as much as the fact that most of it has been done by 

researchers who aren't even astrologers.  

So what are astrologers doing with this goldmine of evidence & positive results?

Continuing on from the medical astrology forum at the Kepler Conference,

we will look deeper into some of the more fascinating findings,

as we consider how this singlarly important avenue of inquiry can help

in building the future of astrology.


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You don't have to be a scientist or statistician to see that research is good for everybody.  
You just have to truly love astrology. 

We're raising up a new generation of astrologers, 
both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about 
the benefits of evidence-based research, 
who can spread the word in a way 
that commands  respect.