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Sociability and Astrology: Analysis of the Results of a Psychological Test

Study Written by: Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch - Correlation 19 (2) 2001 p. 29-35

This summary by Maria J. Mateus - September 22, 2004

Previous astrological studies attempting to correlate people’s zodiacal sun signs with particular personality traits have run into the problem of self-attribution by subjects. That is, significant correlations that have been demonstrated have been previously attributed to the fact that those participating in the study may be selecting traits that they already know belong to their sun sign. Suzel’s study attempts to address that problem.

It examined the relationship between sociability scores previously obtained from a personality inventory designed by psychologists Eysenck and Wilson, with the sun signs of the 524 student participants. Student volunteers came from different high schools and universities in