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Alcoholism & Recovery:
Alcoholics In 12-Step Recovery celebrate their new 'birthday' every year: the anniversary of the day they finally got sober.  
Cassandra Butler is collecting data for a study that may be helpful for the recovery process. 
For this study, she needs the 
following data from alcoholics in recovery:

1) The original birth data (day, month, year) birth place & birth time, if known.
2) The Sobriety birth data (day, month, year) place, and time, if known.
No names are necessary, just the data for the two dates and an email contact. 
All materials will be kept confidential and anonymous. 
Please send data, and any further inquiries to:

Sports Research & Applications: Looking for unique  individuals with a solid appreciation of both astrology and sports; 

particularly NFL & NBA, to assist in processing the data into the kinds of products/services that teams can't afford not to use.  

Please note: this is not a gambling project

Programming or stats skills a plus, also an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to invest sweat equity in achieving long-term objectives & goals. 

We're always interested in acquiring more timed birth data for current athletes and head coaches. especially NFL & NBA. If you believe you have something to contribute to this line of work, let us know here.


Spiritualist Mediums & Psychics: Need Timed Birth Data for an astrological research study on Spiritualist Mediums & different types of Psychics.

Please provide birth date  and place of birth, and exact birth time.

Please specify the source for the birth time.  Also, a  first name and an email contact would be appreciated.

 No un-timed birth data, please!

Please indicate whether the native is a spiritualist medium, 

or what type of psychic abilities he/she possesses.

All materials will be kept confidential and anonymous. 
Please send data, and any further inquiries to: